Thursday, February 12, 2009

A proper introduction

I realize I've been writing for a few days and haven't really told you a whole lot about me. I am a twenty-something graduate student, studying human performan and ergonomics. I'll be done with my master's this june, and am still debating if a PhD is in my future. I work in the automotive industry in the lean manufacturing department of my facility. I am super-close with parents and talk to them multiple times a day. I love all things southern (though I am stuck in the midwest for the time being), 1950s, and was thisclose to becoming a professional musician instead of majoring in organizational psychology.

The Mister is a mechanical engineer and music lover, plays guitar, and is a fanatic about his cars. We met while I was interning at the company he (and my daddy) work for, and got engaged on Christmas Eve, 2008. Our wedding is this March, and is a preppy, polka dot, red and aqua luncheon.

Our two babies are his jack russel terrier, Buddy, and my mini schnauzer, CoCo Chanel. I'm excited to share my stories with you, and hope you enjoy!


  1. I cant WAIT to see how your wedding turns out. I absolutely fell in love with the aqua & red color theme, but unfortunately it was way after we spent a small fortune in pink & green! No turning back now!