Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sorry for the late post tonight - I had to work until 3:00, and then had one lecture class followed by an industrial hygiene lab that just got over. My car is in the shop to repair the damage from the aforementioned run-in with the deer, so I'm waiting on mister to pick me up before I can finally go home. Thank goodness I don't work tomorrow - I'm exhausted!

I have some exciting news - I got the prints of my engagement pictures in the mail today, and should have them framed, hung, and ready to show off tomorrow. I usually don't like the way I look in pictures, but these turned out really nice. Any suggestions on ways to display engagement photos at a wedding? We're using a photo mat for a guest book, but any other ways would be appreciated, too!

Once I get the house clean(does anyone else seem to have a constantly dirty house?) and all the shower presents put away, I'll let you all see what my work in progress house looks like. Maybe we could start a share-a-room series, to see how creative all you are as decorators - what do you think?

Have a nice evening, loves! I'm heading home to go to bed.

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