Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pictures from my bridal shower!

This past Sunday, my sisters threw me the nicest bridal shower! I thought I'd share the pictures with you all.

This is the cake table, complete with our maternal grandmother's candleabras and a circa 1914 punch bowl that is used at every wedding in our family.

One view of the guests - we had more than 30 guests, which just seems crazy to me. I have a huge extended family, and most of them were in attendance, as were of my mom's sorority sisters from way back.
The bunny cake. When I was little, my grandmother used to make me a cake just like this for my birthday every year. She stopped when I was about 12. When I was a senior in high school, my grandmother had a stroke a month before my 18th birthday, and as she was recovering, the first thing she baked was a bunny cake for me for that birthday. She passed away in 2005, but my sister made this bunny cake for me as way to have her in spirit at the shower.

Love you, Mamaw.
What traditions did you have at your shower?

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  1. Love the shower pics! I didn't really have any traditions at my shower (besides drinking mimosas, which the women in my family always enjoy!), but my dad (!) put together a great photo album of photos of me from when I was a baby up through the last few years, with photos of Mr. Smith and I at the end. It was so cute! People really enjoyed looking through it. One of the shower hostesses also had an antique veil on display (she owns and antique shop) that was really beautiful.