Monday, June 29, 2009

San Antonio

is really pretty, but super hot! We saw the Alamo today, and have had such a good time!! I promise a recap with pics when I get home. Hope you all are having a good week - hopefully I'll get to the Lilly store before we leave!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hi all! We've been driving for about 13 hours, and are in Texas! I'm taking tons of pictures, and will have a good recap post for ya'll later!

Anyone have exciting 4th of July plans coming up? We'll need ideas!

Friday, June 26, 2009


I have been a very bad blogger, and I hope you all can forgive me! I've been off from BBCC for the past two weeks, and have been working at the private school in the afternoons, and trying to pack for my upcoming research presentation in Texas - we leave tomorrow for San Antonio! Any advice on where to eat/shop down there, I'd appreciate it. I have some big news that I'll share in a later post - I'm subbing all day today in the 3 year old classroom, and it's nap time now. Hope all is well with you!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Plans

I woke up early to continue to get to get through the mountain of laundry that we've accumulated. I made a strawberry smoothie this morning, and am going to try to make myself go run after I get some more things around the house taken care of. I have a final for one of my summer classes tonight, so at some point I need to study.

Here's my goal for my month of vacay: I'd like to loose the 10ish pounds that I've gained since the wedding. I'll try to use Mondays as update days, so wish me luck! I have serious envy for women who are runners, who can go and enjoy that every day. I HATE exercise with a passion - it's just never been my thing. I grew up dancing, which kept my weight down' but that's not super practical right now. Maybe I can make myself become a runner? We'll see.

What's your favorite kind of exercise?


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Fun

After a day spent on the boat yesterday, we're sunburned and sleepy at chez indiana today. Mister and I got up late, and I did laundry and made a Greek pizza (homemade crust, tomatos, feta, and olives), and we then went to the grocery to gear up for the week. I'm drinking sweet tea and watching America's Next Top Model, the Chantal/Heather/Saleshia season, and Mister's sleeping on the couch. We're heading to my parents for dinner and getting some additional perennials for my garden today, so I'll let you know (and see) my garden results. Happy flag day!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Vacation Starts today!

The first day of my four weeks off from BBCC starts now! I'm so excited to have some time free! Tomorrow my bestie and I and our husbands are going to the lake, and then off I go to Bloomingfoods for a groceries.

As far as tonight goes, I have a pot of green beans on the stove and a beef tenderloin in the oven for dinner. I have some homework to work on, and Mister is playing a video game. I've had a headache on and off all day, so I may just go to bed early.

What are your evening plans?


Thanks to MRM I found about a super Lilly sale at Smart Bargains. Unfortunately, everything above a size 12 is plain white (and I'm known for spilling my morning juice on myself.) Good luck on finding things in your sizes - some things are more than 50% off!

I want a baby!

A baby puppy that is (Sorry, Mother-in-law. You know how I feel about the other kind - meh.) I have fallen in love with Morkies! They are half Yorkie-half Maltese, and are teeny tiny bundles of joy! I haven't quite convinced Mister that we need another dog, but I'm working on it. I thought some puppy pictures would brighten your day! Anyone have/know any Morkies? What are they like?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boy Number 4

Mister Looks-Good-on-Paper, because everything about him seems so perfect when you write it down: human resources manager who left a successful job in Nashville to go to school to became a teacher because he felt called to work with children; youth-group leader; avid reader; church camp co-chair. All I heard before we met was what a good christian man he is. He had suffered from Crohn's Disease, and had to have a colostomy (the bag), but in doctor-approved "full health" when we met. He was polite and athletic, if not having the best fashion sense, and a huge sports fan. I had moved back home about a month before we met, and had begun going to church with my oldest sister. When we started dating, I got emails from other ladies church saying how envious they were (he was 30 when I was 20, and many of the women thought it was unfair for to steal a man "their age" away. I should have run then). I think I liked more because of what everyone else told me than what in him myself, and I was still pretty fragile after Boy 2 shook me to my core.

But what looks good on paper isn't always good in real life. He was stringent in his beliefs - no "passionate" behaviors until marriage, and berated me when I told him about my (sometimes wild) past. He was the most verbally abusive person I have ever encountered, and we went through things that still give me nightmares. I don't think that how God wants us to submit to our husbands. His family hated me, literally. It was a relationship mess. I dumped him early one morning, in an email after about seven months (don't hate. I know its awful). I had to change churches because of the rumor-spreading aftermath.

My advice is this: TRUST YOURSELF when it comes to relationships, because not everyone sees a person at their truest level.

Share with me . . .

your "miracle cure" for any blemishes you may get! I have a doozy of one coming up on my cheek, and my normal cure of sleeping with toothpaste on the offending spot didn't dry it up. What do you use?

Good Morning!

Today is going to be seriously busy - work at BBCC with about a million things to do, work at the private school, then meeting with my co-presenter to gear up for our end of the month trip to Texas to present our research. Mister is off work the rest of this week, so at least he'll be home when I get there! I promise there'll be a good long post coming up soon, but you'll have to bear with me for some short bites of posts today! Have a happy Thursday, all!

~ sAc

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dream Shoe of the Day


New drink choice

I'm going to try to cut out coffee from my daily routine, so when I went to Starbucks this morning I thought I'd try something different. I have gotten and enjoyed tea lattes in the past, usually with Grey tea. This morning I order the Chai. Bad idea - is it just me, or does it taste the way a certain not-legal herbal subtance smells? Gross! Does anyone actually enjoy it?

What is your choice for a non-coffee morning drink?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boy Number 3

In the little town where I began my undergraduate education, there was only one place open after 10:00 at night - the Denny's. I used to go there to study, especially in the summer when the rest of campus was pretty much empty. About a month after B and I broke up, I met a boy we'll call C. He was local, a graphic designer student and bartender, and had tattoos of Salvador Dali paintings and Shel Silverstein illustrations. He had a goatee, a lip ring, and could sing every Tom Petty song. I was very smitten very quickly - I had a history of falling for the sensitive, artsy types, and he fit the bill. It was this summer that I had decided to move back home after classes ended and transfer to IU, to get away from some of the drama that small-town-religious schools can have, among a myriad of other reasons. C and I spent every day together for about a month, making camp fires by the local lake, seeing movies, sitting in the Evansille Barnes and Nobles for hours, reading Orson Wells (me) and Leaving Las Vegas (him). And then time for me to go. I had done long distance, and he was now gay. Didn't want to do that again. Having never officially been a couple to begin with, there was no breaking up to do. Just a good bye, and a keep in touch, which we do. His new lady is having a little girl this fall, and I couldn't be happier for them.

So if the game from earlier is cornhole . . .

WTF IS BEANER? Mister's frat buddies from Wisconsin and Minnesota rave about it, and are planning to bring their set down for the IU/Purdue game (we plan our tailgates early - Oaken Bucket Game is serious business). Is it the same? Anyone know? Google doesn't seem to know, either!

In your neck of the woods, what do you call this game?

I know what it is here - what is it where you are?

Dream Shoe of the Day

Kate Spade

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's hot.

Preparing for our upcoming 4 week plant-wide shut down, most of the "non-essential" office staff is layed off this week - I'm the only admin/assistant in for the week, so I have about 7 1/2 hours of straight data entry for the week. An extra cost savings method? Turning off the office AC system for this week too, because "there are plenty of fans for the 9 of you left." Nevermind that I have NO extra plug ins in my cubicle once my computer and fax are plugged in. I had to unplug Mr. ACDC's stuff and plu my fan in across the aisle. Nothing like sweating in a button down. I definately feel for blog (and college!) friend That Girl - you should go read her air conditioning story!

Dream Shoe of the Day


Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Day and Cute Things

I started getting a sore throat last night, and woke up this morning with a fever and hardly being able to swallow. So my day today is being spent curled up in a blanket watching Tivo'd True Life and Top Chef.

I have to share my ever ebay win! I've bid before, but never won anything, until now. Here she is:

This is 1960s era Lilly, with pink lions and tigers and yellow flowers. It was a steal - only $20.00!

I found super-cute shoes on Etsy from seller pinkpearlstudio. She makes Dr. Scholl's sandles in any size, covered in Vera Bradley or Lilly Pulitzer prints. I'm going to start saving my pocket money for these![]=tags&includes[]=title

Also, I have a question for you ladies: if you have customized stationary, where do you get it from?

Have a good day ya'll!
Love you too much,

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my parent's 45th wedding anniversary, and I find that so amazing! Here I am with them at my wedding (my dad did wear a tux, but he changed out of into jean and a Brooks Brothers polo once the reception was underway):

When my parents got married, my dad was 18, and my mom was 17. They had graduated the prior weekend from high school. I can't imagine that. But they have a gorgeous family: 3 daughters, 6 granddaughters, and an amazing home.I am so grateful for the example set in their relationsip.

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Friday Night Consists of:

watching this: (the Renee/Jaslene season) with these two:

Miss my hubby. Hate to have him working nights. Anyone else going through this?

If you wear a sweater around your shoulders . .

with a polo shirt or shirt that has a collar, do you pop the collar?

Dream Shoe of the Day


Cute Etsy Store!

My sister, a nationally published author (you could get her book at any Barnes and Nobles, how weird is that?) has opened an etsy store, and I have to give a shout-out. Check out her cloth sculpture art - it's great!

Clothing/Packing Question

Happy Friday all! I have a question for you ladies. My best friend and her husband are coming for the weekend, and are bringing their new boat so we can out on a local lake for the weekend. What would you wear? We're heading out around 11 am and have to back by 4:00 so Mister can go to work. I don't swim/wakeboard/ski, so I won't be getting in the water. What would you take with you - purse? I know I'll need lipgloss, sunscreen, and sunglasses, but don't know what else to take. Advice on this?

Also, my Russell's birthday is tomorrow! (Please tell me I'm not the only one who celebrates pet birthday). He'll be 3. This picture is of the day we brought CoCo home, and shows how tiny she was, compared to him.

Have a good day everyone!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dream Shoe of the Day

Happy Thursday!

My week has been extremely busy: working both jobs for the first full week, trying to get homework done, and fitting in about two hours a day with Mister when we're both awake. I am SO ready for the weekend!

Currently, I get up around 4:15, leave for work at 5:15, work at BBCC from 6:00 - 3:00, drive home, change clothes, work at the private school from 4:00 - 6:00, come home, cook, do some reading, try to be in bed by 9:00, wake up with Mister from 12:30 - 2:30, go back to sleep, repeat. How do you women with children do it - I can't even imagine if I had little one to think about during the day!

I have to share an amazing product with you all.

I got this at my local organic grocery, and am in LOVE. I have seriously oily skin, and while I don't get actual acne, I am somewhat blemish prone. This has reduced the oil, and made my skin *glow.* Love it, and it's alcohol free, so it doesn't lead to dry patches.

Sorry that this post has been all over the place - Hope everyone else is having a good week!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dream Shoe of the Day

A good deal!

As I have started my organic/healthier food journey, I have fallen madly in love with Brown Cow Yogurt. The creamiest, best, no growth hormone, yogurt ever! On their website, I found printable coupons for both small and large size yogurts, and thought I'd pass the link to you all

The non-fat yogurt has only 110 calories, but tastes like a dessert. I get mine at the local Kroger, so I'm sure other grocery stores have it as well. Enjoy!

Dear President,

I will be honest: I did not vote for you. I campaigned hard for an opponent who I support way back in 2000 when he lost the primaries to a certain G. W. Bush, and upped my support further when he chose a lady with a real family and real issues to lead with him. That said, I have to commend you on a little speech you made Monday

"What is good for GM in good for America."

Thanks, Obama.

I am the third generation of my family to work in this facility. My grandfather did back-breaking, physical labor as a tool setter. My dad started out as a machine operator, and ending up a member of upper-level management. I came in right out of college, and have already worked all over the organziation.
Thanks, Obama. Though I may disagree with your socialistic government running of priavte companies, this was a good move.

~ miss indiana

**I want to thank my readers for their support Monday. I'll keep you all updated on what I hear "from the inside" if you'd like.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dream Shoe of the Day


Can someone please . . .

tell my new cubicle-neighbor that it is never okay to listen to ACDC in an office, at 10:00 in the morning, at full volume? I keep my Cat Power soft enough so you don't have to listen to it: can't you do the same for me?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dating History Part 2

At my high school, the marching band had two weeks of intensive practice right before school started, where the group met for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. This was our “band camp.” The camp before my senior year, a new drill instructor came to work with the group, we’ll call him B. He was just out of college, incredibly musically talented, and a little more than seven years older than I was (don’t judge, please, ladies!). Within a month of meeting, we were dating exclusively. He seemed wonderful – bought me presents, took me placed. We dated happily for about eight months. And then his mom, who had been battling cancer, died, and I went away to college. Our relationship was more than strained. In his mind, the best way to save things was to get engaged, not too uncommon for girls my age in our part of the world, but a bad idea for a troubled relationship. We took a few breaks, a met a few other boys, and we drifted apart. A break-up seemed inevitable, and I could basically tell that he was cheating on me

However, I think the exact relationship ending conversation could win an award. Ladies, if you beat this one, you have my upmost condolences.
B: I think we should take an extending break. I don’t want to cheat on you, but I have feelings for someone else.
Me: I figured. Can I ask who?
B: His name is Josh.

Yup. His name. To say it was a shock is an understatement. To say I didn’t cry, eat too much ice cream, and kiss a few too boys to make sure there wasn’t something wrong with me, would be a lie. And there you have it, the story of B.

After all that, we are still pretty good friends, and talk at least a few times a month. He and Josh are very happy.


We have/are declaring bankruptcy this morning at BBCC. This isn't bad news for two reasons: operations will remain the same - running, for my plant - and because my plant isn't on the list of 14 that will be closed between now and 2012. Keep the people in those operations in your prayers, and look forward to better things in the future from our company.

Dream Shoe of the Day

Jimmy Choo

Worrysome Day

As you all know, I work at a Big, Broke, Car Company (BBCC), who will probably be making a major announcement this morning around 9:00. We have an 8:15 meeting will all the salaried employees who haven't been laid off (around 30 of us of day shift). Honestly, I'm terrified. Both Mister and I work here, and an extended layoff or paycut could seriously hurt our finacial situation. Say a prayer for us, please, and for everyone who will be affected by the announcement. I'll let you know what I hear.