Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Plans

I woke up early to continue to get to get through the mountain of laundry that we've accumulated. I made a strawberry smoothie this morning, and am going to try to make myself go run after I get some more things around the house taken care of. I have a final for one of my summer classes tonight, so at some point I need to study.

Here's my goal for my month of vacay: I'd like to loose the 10ish pounds that I've gained since the wedding. I'll try to use Mondays as update days, so wish me luck! I have serious envy for women who are runners, who can go and enjoy that every day. I HATE exercise with a passion - it's just never been my thing. I grew up dancing, which kept my weight down' but that's not super practical right now. Maybe I can make myself become a runner? We'll see.

What's your favorite kind of exercise?



  1. spinning!!! that is my favorite thing to do, it gets me going... xxoo

  2. I love the elliptical. 30 minutes on that is not nearly enough. I've also become a fan of yoga and I too am trying to be one of those running chicks.

  3. I also hate running, but I love the way I feel after a good run. I look forward to that. It is easier for me to focus on short distances "just run to the next street sign" and then I can motivate myself to keep going. Good luck!

    Maybe you could rotate bike riding or spinning and running?

  4. you should look into lifting- getting a trainer to write a program for you so you feel good about your bod- you won't look like arnold swartz, muscle burns calories around the clock, plus your clothes will fit even better = happy you :)

    ps- great sounding weekend btw :)


  5. hate, hate, hate running! you should look into yoga (i do bikram. loves it!)

    ps jack russell terriers are my favorite thing in the whole wide world! ever!

  6. dancing!! dancing and dancing and dancing! everywhere! at home. on the train. in the street.