Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Quick Hello

I know, I've been a bad blogger yet again! I've been trying to get ready to meet with the doctoral committee for my first formal meeting, my coursework prescription, all while working not only at aforemention big, broke car company (which I may begin to refer to as BBCC, and working evening at local private school. I have a few pics to share with you today!I just got in it the mail yesterday - my new king crab VV tote! Such a great bag!! Thank, Grandma, for the birthday present!

With the Dean and chair of my department.

With Mister.

My weekend begins tomorrow, as BBCC is closed for a 4 day weekend. Mister and I will be going to Holiday World, a local amusement park (which is amazing. If you are in the area, go. Now). Have a good day, all!

BTW, Preppy Princess, that is a mini schanuazer, and she is a darling.