Friday, May 29, 2009

Guitly Pleasure

Are you watching Southern Belles on Soapnet? I LOVE it - very Hills-ish in a seemingly scripted way, but so much better! I would love to discuss if other of you ladies want to. I'm watching last night's episode and can't believe Shea!


  1. I have been watching it! Shea just amazes me. I have a friend like her that I sometimes - though I love her dearly - want to reach out and shake! I believe Hadley is my favorite. She is the most like me. Emilie is an interesting character too.

    And the dating service! My goodness! Those men truly will tell anything!

    I am so excited to find someone else who is watching this show! I programmed the TV to turn to it at 10 and when it did, my mother goes 'Time for me to head to bed.' I think she forgot about my love of reality TV while I was away at school!

  2. How messed up is Hadley's relationship with the two guys though? Sterling is such a catch!