Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First there was a boy . .

I didn't have junior high boyfriends, like many of my friends. Being a slightly overweight, conservative, nerdy girl who some how managed to be besties with all the cheerleaders didn't get me a whole lot of guy attention. When I entered high school, I became very active in the music department (Random fact: I have studied oboe classically from age 9 to 18, and got accepted into a prestigious music conservatory high school, that I choose not to go to). I met #1 there. He was a sensitive, artistic musician, extremely tall - 6'6" - and extremely possesive. He was my first boyfriend, and we "dated" from the time I was 14 until right before the start of my senior in high school, when he started college. Dated meaning walked to classes together, passed notes, and talked on the phone - no "car dating" until I turned 17. It was as tumulutous, as young romances can be. He became very jealous, and very controlling - not good. He also bagn talking about wanting to get married, while I was in high school. Then right before school started that last year of high school I met someone else . . .

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  1. He and my high school boyfriend should get together and talk about how to be jerks. I had a very similar experience we ended it and tried to be friendly but he unfriended me on fb last month.