Monday, March 23, 2009


I have a job interview Wednesday to work as a fundraiser for my university's student foundation. I have no idea what to wear - the job is open to students only, and the person interviewing me is a graduate assisstant. The attire for the workplace is described as "collegitae casual." I'm thinking maybe tweed pants and a knit top . . .would you wear a blazer? A skirt? A suit? Heels, flats, boots? This is too hard! What are your suggestions?

Also, please sign up for the flip-flop swap - I think it'll be great fun!


  1. Maybe tweed or black pants and a button down and pearls? Always better to over dress than under dress. You can probably skip the suit/blazer. Good luck!!

  2. Hi there!!!!!!!!! Welcome back! Saw the wedding/honeymoon pics on facebook - everything looks gorgeous! How are you feeling now?

    As for the interview...I always say it's better to be too formal than underdressed. I almost always wear a suit to interviews - or something similarly formal. You can't go wrong with something black and classic!