Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting ready

My rehearsal is in about 20 hours. I have NOTHING to wear. Well, I have shirts. Several cute shirts. And I have little skirts, skorts, and capris. But damn Indiana weather decided it will be 40 for my weddings. Thanks, Indiana. So I may be wearing a cute little top with PINK sweatpants and Uggs.

Tomorrow is set-everything-up day at the wedding venue, and then the rehearsal and RD at 5:00. Wish me luck!

I had the privilege of meeting the wonderful Mrs. Smith yesterday, and have to say that we had great fun! It's so nice to meet new friends in Bloomington.

I must admit that part of the reason I started blogging was that felt like I was in a different place in my life than my "real life" friends, and wanted some other ladies who were a little more . . . together to talk to. Thank you much ladies for all your support - your comments truly make my day.

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  1. Yay! Don't worry - you'll find something to wear!!!! :) Last-minute trip to Macy's, perhaps?