Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Monday!


  1. Your dog is seriously cute. Your PhD sounds so interesting! How did you get into that field? I assume you're applying at IU?

    Education seems to be one of the best options right husband started grad school this semester at IU after getting out of the Army a few months ago. The worst part? We've been here in Bloomington since September, and he still hasn't found a part-time job. It sucks!

  2. My husband just started SPEA...and so far, so good! But he is only part-time this semester (will officially be enrolled full-time in August) and really is just looking for a part-time job - any part-time job. Something easy and mindless while he's going to school. He has been applying for everything under the sun since November, when we got back from our honeymoon, and it has been so tough. I know he is really discouraged, and has cabin fever from sitting at home all day!

    Wow, I am totally impressed with your line of work! It is something that I know absolutely nothing about! It is totally the opposite side of the brain from me. :)

    So...when are you getting married? And where? So exciting!!!